Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ride 'em Cowboy {dress ups}

the card I made for the party
(click HERE to see more of my love of stamping)

On the weekend we attended a very special party for George's 2nd birthday. IT was a fancy dress party and you guessed it, the children went as Cowgirls and boys! It was soooo much fun and I had to show you their costumes!!

Sophia loves her pony and is always happy to have a photo taken, I love her choice of Dasiy Duke shorts!

Hannah looked very much the part of a real cowgirl!! I love the curly hair that she let me do!! Hannah is never really one to have her hair done so when I get to it's a real treat!

Ezekiel looks fabulous, especially with his idea of having a "3 day growth!!" He came up to me and said
"Mummy can you please get me your black makeup pencil and do the beard thing that my Lego cowboy has?" I said
"You mean the 3 day growth?" of which with a huge smile he said "YES!"

Little Esther was a little more tricky to photograph but we managed with the amazing ideas that Zeke had! He suggested to get the camera ready and he'd drop the hat on Esther's head and then at that exact moment I'd take the pic! Well after a few try's we DID IT!!! (note the hand about to go up and take the hat off!! he he!!)

The games at the party were the sack race and toss the gumboot. My children actually won them both, Hannah the sack race and Zeke the gumboot toss!

It was really such a wonderful day and a very well organized party! Thanks Kenzie's!!!
Smiles The Torrents's


  1. Hi guys!
    your new blog is FABULOUS!! You all look amazing in your cowboy/girl costumes. We can't wait to read all about your adventures.
    Love from the Greens xxxxx

  2. Oh so incredibly cute and FUN! xo