Sunday, September 30, 2012

Woodland Theme Nursery

It's a matter of days now till our little one arrives (well I hope!) and I've been busy decorating (well at least "researching" lovely decorations!!) for the nursery. For the first time EVER our baby will be in our room, so we've done a total makeover to the back wall of our bedroom to fit in all the necessary "baby must haves" to make it work.
Last week at my last Paper Doll stamp club for the year, the wonderful and amazing ladies of the group held me a mini Baby shower!! It was soooo thoughtful and special and very touching!! I was given a beautiful selection of baby goodies (including a new bag for me!!) and a gorgeous Woodland Themed Bunting!!

 It was made from THIS paper from Kaisercraft
Well it's got my mind racing with other ideas of what I can do to tie this wonderful theme altogether!!!
Here are some of the inspiring goodies I've found in the last few days that I wanted to share with you!!
 Simple, stunning ABC picture HERE

 So, so, SOOO cute Mushroom bookend HERE

Adorable Mushroom rattle HERE

 Amazing wooden critters to play with HERE

A fun game for the older children (at least till the baby can join in!) HERE

 Something wonderful to look at while I'm changing nappies

sweet little toy to love HERE

Ohhh can you see what I mean!?! Sooo many fabulous things to buy and make and get inspired with!!!
What do you like the most??? I think my all time fav is the bookend, there is a whole range to love!! GORGEOUS!!
I'll hopefully be back soon (then again.... be nice to have this little one...) and share what I've made for our nursery thanks to these great pictures!!
Smiles The Torrents'

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