Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Promise with a Rainbow

This last week we have seen more than 4 rainbows!! There have been two in particular that have lasted for more than 30 mins and were a complete arch!! They have been totally amazing!!! Hannah and I were driving home from Evandale and there was one that stayed the whole drive! At one stage it looked like we were about to drive under it but as it turned out you actually can't do that, they aren't "permanent" in one spot due to light reflections.... probably already knew that!! (I actually did not!!)
This isn't the best picture of it, taken from the side of the road after we "almost" drove under it. Hannah and I were sooo blessed by this wonder and reminded us of all the promises that God has given us. I've never seen rainbows like the ones we have seen this week since living in Poatina, it's been spectacular!!
Smiles The Torrents'

Monday, May 9, 2016

Fossicking at Weld River, Tasmania

The other week our family and some dear friends went to Weld River, in Tasmania to go fossicking for Sapphires and Topaz!!! We camped for 2 nights in the area and had a wonderful time on an Autumn sunny day at the river. 
 Early morning sun rays over the trees
 Esther cooking some toast by the camp fire!
 Gorgeous Coral Lichen!! Sometimes called Snow Lichen due to the white colour! 
Read more HERE.

 There were loads of tiny black stones which Anita says is a good sign but 
sadly we didn't find anything... this trip!!
 Playing at the camp site in Blue Lake, Tasmania.
We did however have an amazing time out in nature and enjoying this Autumn season, excited to go out again and find some of God's precious treasures!
Smiles The Torrents'

Monday, May 2, 2016

Fossicking for Fossils (Poatina, Tasmania)

Recently the homeschool families went on a field trip down to the creek to fossick for some FOSSILS! There are some AMAZING finds in one particular spot and we certainly found some fantastic samples.
Hannah Cooper (from ROCKsalt Arts) lead the talk and showed the children different rocks and what to look for when searching in God's wonderful world!
 These are dolomite rocks and are very easy to find at the top, surface level of Poatina.

Wonderful example of smokey quartz lodged in the ground.
 Finding FOSSILS!!!
 Sea shells and what looks like a starfish! AMAZING!!!
 Sophia and Mrs Dougal extracting a rock from the side of the path.... what will be on it??
Now the rock is out, look what is in/on it.... Lots of delicate shell print fossils!
What a super cool time of discovery and wonder and learning and finding! I've taken some of the fossils we found to the Queen Victoria Museum (In Launceston) to have them assessed! Can't wait to find out exactly what we found. YAY for fossicking!
Smiles The Torrents'