Thursday, April 10, 2014

The 10 Plagues - children's craft activities (Egypt Unit study)

We are having LOADS of fun this week as we look at each of the 10 Plagues from Ancient Egypt time when Moses was around!!
We started on the Nile River last week (will post about that soon) and how Moses was placed in the Nile as a baby, then we went onto the fact that God chose him to lead His people out of Egypt. When Pharaoh didn't listen God sent 10 plagues to show His awesomeness (and to show that their false god's were exactly that.... FALSE!!!) It's been super fun and very interesting and we are looking forward to the last few plagues as we head into the Passover festival!! All this has worked along wonderfully with our Egyptian Unit study with bringing Bible History into play too!!Here is some of what we have been doing........

As each plague "day" has passed we have made a craft (mostly for the little girls) and a bunting flag ready to put all together, I also found these finger puppets HERE so they have joined in on the display too!!
 Frog colouring page- HERE
Esther colouring her "lice" for the bunting- from HERE
Making a very large fly craft-from HERE
 Today was the boil plague-craft HERE
Today we had our Tea Party Thursday so with some creative thought we made some Plague themed cupcakes!!! You will see the Nile turned to blood,(though it looks pink!!) Flies (the one's with currents) Hail, (decorated with silver balls) Frogs, and Boils (we used jaffa's) for our plague we looked at today!!

Can't wait to show you more with our Egypt Unit study, there is soooo much to cover and sooo much to learn and sooo many fun things to create!!!
Smiles The Torrents'

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