Monday, April 21, 2014

The River Nile cooking craft - Egyptian Unit study

When you say to the children.....
"Your going to make the Nile River today with a giant cookie!" you get some pretty excited responses!!!

I saw this awesome idea HERE and knew it would be perfect to do while looking more closely at the Nile.
I made my favourite biscuit recipe ( making Hannah's chocolate flavour) and then rolled out 3 oval shapes.
The children then each had to make their own labels for the places on the Egyptian map!
We made some blue and green icing and popped it in homemade bags for pipping and then they all got to work. Marking out the Nile and the fertile land surrounding each side! Even the Red sea was put in!!

They looked at the map they had coloured earlier in the term HERE to make sure each place was in its rightful PLACE!! Here are all their completed COOKIE MAPS.....
This is Zeke's finished map
 Hannah's more "dirt" looking map!YUMMY!
Sophia and Esther's finished map, complete with jaffa markings for the places!
By the end of it all it was afternoon tea, ummm what shall we eat??? Let's eat Egypt!!! YUMMO!!!! Soph and Esther were in straight away!! I joined in too, in fact due to the HUGE amount of water that flooded some of the Nile Rivers (or the very full Red sea), it made a perfect dipping spot for some extra "water" on the otherwise "Dry" land!! 
Smiles The Torrents'

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