Monday, August 31, 2015

Arctic and Antarctica Unit study

 We have been doing HEAPS this term on SNOW! With such a wonderful theme I opened it up to studying and looking at the Arctic and Antarctica. So with the older ones doing projects and research on places with the most snow fall and the like I had a little set up for the younger girls to play with.

Sapphire has LOVED this!! She is learning what animals live where and all about the North and South Pole. Esther and Sapphire have had HEAPS of play time with the animals which I have enjoyed greatly, watching their imagination come to life!
The simple Arctic scene was made with a cardboard box, cut in the appropriate glacier shapes, then painted white! Easy!! (idea HERE for background and HERE for trees)
Smiles The Torrents'

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wonderful World Wednesday - The Beach in Winter

Have you ever been to the beach in Winter?? It's not something that you would probably think of, isn't that a Summer activity? Well yes, you are right, but the beach in the Winter is an amazing place full of surprises, well that's what we found in these last school holidays!
Headed for Friendly beaches on the East coast of Tasmanian, we enjoyed an AMAZING time of sunshine, rain, rainbows, discovery and enjoyment of God's awesome creation!

We also ended up at Coles Bay (after all it was only another 25 minutes or so down the road) where I took my children to a beach that I played on when I was little! A place that I hold very dear, memories full of happiness, it was wonderful to share that with our precious children.

Can't wait for our next trip,
Smiles The Torrents'