Friday, November 22, 2013

Rainy day baking {Moustache cookies}

I'm not sure you'd believe it if I told you that we totally had Summer land here on Wednesday and then, over night that was a distant memory with waking up to Winter land!!! We had the fire going, it was cold, VERY COLD and rainy and well, a really great day to enjoy some cooking together and have some fun!!!
So that's what we did! I needed to make some biscuit gifts for my ladies (in my stamp club) so I doubled the batch so the children could have some super yummy "moustache" cookies!!!
My amazingly awesome friend Carli gave me the cutters for these little beauties for my birthday and they are the coolest thing EVER!!!
What fun there is to be had when you have a moustache bikkie at your lip!!! It sure turned the rainy day into a sunny one (at least in the inside!!!)
Smiles The Torrents'

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Seahorse Craft for children {using a paper plate!}

One of the sea critters we have done in our Water/Swimming Unit study is the wonderful, amazingly created Seahorse! I found THIS great craft for the children and then let them loose in designing and decorating their own Seahorses!! Sophia was particularly creative with adding little dots to her seahorses back, then of course as all good little sisters are, Esther soon followed suit!

The very end result (though not pictured here) was a fabulous array of colour and art! Oh how I'm loving our Tuesday crafty afternoons!
Smiles The Torrents'

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Jellyfish in a bottle {science experiment}

I found this awesome experiment to do with the children HERE and couldn't wait to give it a go on our Jelly fish week. So Wednesday was the day and it turned out really great! I love it when an experiment goes well, it certainly is a blast for our treasures when they do too!

This term is seeming to fly by and with our Swimming/water unit study well under way and everyone is having fun learning and growing in information about all sorts of things related to water!
Next week we are going to do the shark for our animal, Zeke is looking forward to that!
Smiles The Torrents'

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Virtual Book Club-Nick Sharratt {Pants}

  Our Nick Sharratt display
There is this great bunch of people who have put together a Virtual Book club focusing on different Author's each month! I've joined in on a few (see all about Julia Donaldson HERE) and was super excited about this months Author being Nick Sharratt!! We grabbed a few of his books from the Library and then with the inspiration of the "Pants" book got to making up our own special undies!!
This particular book is one he has only illustrated (it's hard to find the range of Nick books here in Australia) with fun, bright, wonderful pictures it's easy to recognize Nick's work!!
We looked through the book for some pant style ideas, frilly, plain, shorts, W fronts and then I drew up a simple template for the children to cut out and decorate!
 My treasures (well mostly Sophia and Esther) had LOADS of fun finding lace, stickers, jewels and other odd bits to stick to their custom made pants( YAY for the useful box!) Hannah and Zeke went with other ways of decorating..... Ezekiel with textures and Hannah found and then printed some Medieval weapons to cut out and stick on her underwears!
 I of course got in on all the action also and came up with my own groovy design!! Here is what we all made:
Hannah: Weapon pants!! (inspired by her favourite Lego Mini figure the Warrior Woman)
 Ezekiel: Eye Y-fronts- Filled with loads of different coloured eyes!
  Sophia: Fancy, frilly pants, with all that sparkles and a pretty trim!!
 Esther: Submarine pants (like in the story) but with her personal twist on them!! 
(with all the cool ideas she saw Sophia doing and wanted the same!)
 Sharnee (Mummy): I love to Stamp pants! 
Using my favourite colours and stamps with just a touch of fancy trim but still practical & comfy!!
Be sure to check out the other awesome ideas that other wonderful Mummy's have done (it's a blog HOP!)You are sure to find something fun to do with your treasures!! Thanks heaps for popping in!
Smiles The Torrents'

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Make your own funny face game

The other afternoon the children (Well Ezekiel and Hannah) made up this build a face game on the chalkboard! It was totally awesome, I loved their creativity!! They got the idea from HERE when we played this game around Easter time. It was great to see all the different faces they came up with!

Here are two of them
Before it was rubbed off the chalkboard they popped it onto paper to play on another day! Such clever treasures they are!
Smiles The Torrents'