Friday, February 25, 2011

Sophia's sweet second {#three}

What wonderful part of our life did Sophia capture this week? Well it's actually from our holiday we had in the early part of this month, (must post the other pic's of that sometime!!)

Here we are just getting breakfast ready at the caravan we stayed at! Note that she still managed to get Esther in there (bottom right corner!)
Smiles The Torrents's

Monday, February 21, 2011

The missing butterfly

Story by Hannah.

Once upon a time there was 2 little girls. One named Lilly and the other was Daisy Tune. (as she loved to stay in tune with the other flowers.) One day while they were walking through the forest an arrow appeared. It was very strange to find an arrow in the forest where there was nothing to play with. There was however a pile of sticks to build a Tee-pee with.
So they followed the arrow to a bridge over a duck pond, the ducks were all different colours, green, brown and white. Let me mention that the green ones were black as well. They stayed and feed the ducks. (Cause they had some bread with them, which was actually their lunch! But they didn't mind at all!) While they were feeding the ducks they saw some fluffy little yellow ducklings. Lilly thought they were soooo absolutely "cute" but just then Daisy Tune remembered they had to follow the arrows...
"Come on Lilly we have to follow the arrows, we'll miss the surprise!!"
"How do you know it's a surprise?" said Lilly.
Daisy Tune laughed at her friend, "I always know if it's a surprise or not, I'm the smartest girl in the world!" she boasted!!
"No you're not!" shouted Lilly! "Let's stop bickering and follow the arrows!"
so they went across the duck pond bridge. "BYE little ducklings" said Lilly. Daisy Tune pulled her friend to hurry her along.
Next Lilly asked Daisy Tune what the missing butterfly was about.
"What missing butterfly?" answered Daisy Tune. Lilly pulled out the map that they found earlier. They looked at the map and suddenly Daisy Tune remembered,
"We're looking for the blue spotted, pink dotted butterfly!"
Soon they were in trouble!! A fire appeared out of no-where! Quickly they tried to fight the fire,
"I don't know how the fire appeared!" said a surprised looking Lilly. They fought the fire as hard as they could! Then before them it disappeared!!!!
"Phew! That was close!!" Daisy Tune declared! "Lets hurry along."
They rolled down a hill (as they were little children and they liked to get into mischief!) Soon they got to another arrow that was pointing to a gate, the same gate that was on the map! It was the last arrow. As they rolled they almost hit it! Thankfully they slowed down just in time. The gate had a picture of the blue spotted, pink dotted butterfly. The gate opened into a butterfly garden. There were sooo many butterfly's that the friends could hardly see anything. Daisy then found a telescope at her feet which amazingly rolled down the hill with them!! They just didn't see it until now. Daisey Tune picked up the telescope, twisted the end and then she could see..... through the butterflies up ahead, in the distance, she saw the BLUE SPOTTED, PINK DOTTED BUTTERFLY!
"HURRAY!!!" they both screamed. We found IT! It had a message held in it's wing. Lilly asked the butterfly (as she could speak any animal language)
"Could we please take the message you hold in your wing?"
the butterfly said "YES!" Lilly then got out of her animal speaking mode and came back to her normal speaking. Daisy Tune read the message (as she is a very good reader.)
It said.... from The Scientists pencil head and Cloths wear (some very silly names) Both the girls laughed.
thank you for rescuing the butterfly, we have been waiting for months for someone to find it. WE thought the fire would scare you but you are very brave and didn't run away from it. As a reward for your bravery we'd like to give you something. Go back to the Blue spotted, pink dotted butterfly and you'll get it!
SO they went back to the blue spotted, pink dotted butterfly. Once again Lilly spoke to the butterfly and asked her what the surprise was. It didn't work, the butterfly didn't give it. Lilly asked her why? The blue spotted, pink dotted butterfly answered her why
"You have to guess my name first!"
"OK you're on," exclaimed Daisey Tune. They guessed like a 100 names and finally the 115th name was it!!
Her name was Jasmine the Queen. So Jasmine told Lilly what the surprise was.
"You have one big wish Lilly and Daisey Tune, think very carefully!" Jasmine said. Daisey Tune and Lilly closed their eyes....
"I've got it!" whispered Daisey Tune to Lily "We can wish for a big slide (with butterflies all over it) and a huge swing set for our back yard!" (As the girls had nothing to entertain them, no TV or computer or cd player!)
They told Queen Jasmine their wish, all of a sudden there was a big KA BOOM and sparkles flew in every direction. Daisey Tune and Lilly felt themselves flying in the sky like a feather back to their house with Queen Jasmine. When they arrived home Queen Jasmine told the girls to close their eyes and wait until she says to open them.
"Open your eyes!" Queen Jasmine shouted
ONE big sparkle and EVERYTHING they wished for was there and more things that they couldn't ever imagine!!!! So they invited Queen Jasmine for a big BBQ with butterfly and human food to say thank you for all their things! They had a lovely time, Jasmine the Queen became their pet and they lived happily ever after.
The End

Please tell me your favourite bits, I look forward to hearing from you!
Smiles Hannah Torrents

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sophia's sweet second {#two}

Here is this weeks photo from the wonderful little Sophia

I love the movement that she captured in this second! I also LOVE the gorgeous Suit that Esther is wearing, her cute little tutu bottom!!
Smiles The Torrents's

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BUZZrific ArT

God is sooo amazing, I love this little bee doing it's thing on this
beautiful sunflower in our garden! such detail and colour! LOVE IT!

Hello there! How are you finding this new week thus far? Hopefully things are going well and the new school year is taking off wonderfully!
We started school this week, but I must say we're taking it rather slow! As the title states (title by Ezekiel, he thought of it!!) we did some art. Wednesday's are our Nature study day, we do this subject along with the regulars of Maths, phonics and Bible truths. On our break we went outside the front and threw the ball awhile, soon after Sophia found a buzzy, fuzzy bumble bee now passed on, on the grass. He is completely in-tack and so fascinating to look at (through our magnifying glasses) the super wonderful thing though is that Sophia happened to smell in the little "science pot" and declared with sheer delight
"Mummy the bee smells like honey!!" I of course wasn't convinced and had to smell it myself! Sure enough, this little fuzzy bee did indeed smell like sweet honey! How awesome is our GOD!

So I told the children this week that they had the choice of doing a Sunflower or a Bee (after the discovery of one!) It was to my surprise and delight that when we went to the sunflowers outside that there were bees on them!! FABULOUS!!

This is Sophia's bee made out of plasticine, I love how she shaped the wings! And how it's now getting pollen from the sunflower.

Hannah's sunflower drawing is really wonderful, I personally LOVE how full the petals look and the depth of yellow that she achieved.

Ezekiel took great time in getting lots of detail in the leaves of his sunflower! Aren't they awesome!?! I seem to remember him announcing, "these are the best leaves EVER!" so fabulous to hear him be proud of his work!!
We have also done LOTS of cooking in the last 2 days as our Thermo Mix finally arrived! YAY! So exciting!! Have you heard of them?? Such an amazing piece of kitchenware!! You'll find me saying that it does EVERYTHING except teach the children! HE HE!
See you again soon,
Smiles The Torrents's

Sunday, February 13, 2011

busy preparing...

Hello!!! It feels like AGES since I've chatted to you all! I've been "bum down tail up" trying so hard to plan my WHOLE SCHOOL YEAR that it's not left much time of sitting blogging! Still I couldn't let the day go without saying
HAPPY LOVE DAY!!!! I wanted to share with you something that I totally LOVE in our garden right now....
it's the first time we've planted sunflowers and they look sooo amazing! Such a happy flower!

So I hope that you have a day full of love and happiness and flowers and even chocolate!
Smiles The Torrents's :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sophia's sweet second {#one}

As the school year comes very close to starting I'm wanting to tell you of the little contribution my sweet little Sophia Mae will have here on our blog!
She (like me and especially like her AUntie) loves to take photo's and you'll often find, when downloading pic's on the computer her "sweet second" she's captured on film. SO it got me thinking....
this can be her special thing here in the land of blogging and homeschooling!
Today I'd like to share with you one of my absolute fav's to kick this spot off...... there is pretty much only one person that consumes Sophia's days and that is of course ESTHER!
I hope you like our new little feature and look forward to seeing more of Sophia's photography!
Smiles The Torrents's