Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BUZZrific ArT

God is sooo amazing, I love this little bee doing it's thing on this
beautiful sunflower in our garden! such detail and colour! LOVE IT!

Hello there! How are you finding this new week thus far? Hopefully things are going well and the new school year is taking off wonderfully!
We started school this week, but I must say we're taking it rather slow! As the title states (title by Ezekiel, he thought of it!!) we did some art. Wednesday's are our Nature study day, we do this subject along with the regulars of Maths, phonics and Bible truths. On our break we went outside the front and threw the ball awhile, soon after Sophia found a buzzy, fuzzy bumble bee now passed on, on the grass. He is completely in-tack and so fascinating to look at (through our magnifying glasses) the super wonderful thing though is that Sophia happened to smell in the little "science pot" and declared with sheer delight
"Mummy the bee smells like honey!!" I of course wasn't convinced and had to smell it myself! Sure enough, this little fuzzy bee did indeed smell like sweet honey! How awesome is our GOD!

So I told the children this week that they had the choice of doing a Sunflower or a Bee (after the discovery of one!) It was to my surprise and delight that when we went to the sunflowers outside that there were bees on them!! FABULOUS!!

This is Sophia's bee made out of plasticine, I love how she shaped the wings! And how it's now getting pollen from the sunflower.

Hannah's sunflower drawing is really wonderful, I personally LOVE how full the petals look and the depth of yellow that she achieved.

Ezekiel took great time in getting lots of detail in the leaves of his sunflower! Aren't they awesome!?! I seem to remember him announcing, "these are the best leaves EVER!" so fabulous to hear him be proud of his work!!
We have also done LOTS of cooking in the last 2 days as our Thermo Mix finally arrived! YAY! So exciting!! Have you heard of them?? Such an amazing piece of kitchenware!! You'll find me saying that it does EVERYTHING except teach the children! HE HE!
See you again soon,
Smiles The Torrents's

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