Tuesday, May 29, 2012


 Building the Titanic with Lucas

 Inspiration picture as a guide

As my wonderful son is incredibly into Lego I thought it a super idea for him to make a model of the Titanic. He wasn't too sure of this but when one of his dear friends came over to play they tackled it together and this is the awesomeness that they made...

 The finished Ship with even an ice berg and a shark attached to the anchor!
(love the little details!)

  Here is a pic of the ship opening to show the Boiler workers inside!

Lastly the crow's nest with good old Fleet looking out!
I was sooo proud of their efforts and think they did a SUPER AMAZING job! We are about to finish our Titanic study today with the final of our Test questions. I'm sure the children have really enjoyed it (even though they say it was just work and it was boring.....) I would have to argue that point!! he he
Smiles The Torrents'

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Titanic Unit Study

All this term we have been studying the Titanic. It's been super informative and I've personally enjoyed it HEAPS! I know the children have too, though Hannah has had moments of "NOT AGAIN" when the word has been mentioned!!
One of the idea's I got one Sunday planning night was to make Paper Dolls from the Edwardian period for the little girls. I SOOO LOVE GOOGLE!!! To type in "Edwardian paper dolls" and then to find something is the coolest feeling and wonderful help and resource! YAY love it!
So I found THIS super site from a lady who has drawn them all and there are other periods too. I printed out 3 for each of the girls and ALL of last week they were happily colouring and me happily (well mostly) cutting all the little bits out X2!! Yes cut it out and then again after laminating... HUGE job but totally worth the smiles and hours of play that they have gotten out of them!
Of course with all this Zeke wanted some too...... ummmm.... boy paper dolls are much harder to find!! In the end I did come up with something but I'll show you that soon when I've got the pic's!
There's LOTS more we've been up to and it's certainly not too late to do a study yourself!! There is LOADS of info out there at the moment as last month the14th April was the 100th anniversary of it's sinking.

 If you'd like to see more that I did with this amazing anniversary, go to my Stamping Blog HERE and check it out! As I said, I've had lots of fun with this study!!

Smiles The Torrents'