Saturday, June 30, 2012

July Read Aloud Book Along

Last month I decided to join a wonderful group of fellow readers in the brand new Read Aloud Book ALong! Sadly my books for June didn't make it in time and so we weren't involved BUT for this month I already have the books coming and am excited to do the fabbo activities that the organizer ANNI puts together and find some cool ideas myself! The picture book read alouds seem very interesting, it's focusing on an author William Steig, and if you know me at all ANY BOOK ABOUT WHALES IS GREAT!! I know my young girls will love sitting with me while I read them the collection of 4 in the weeks to come!

If you'd like to know more about this cool new book club then click HERE to see for yourself!
Smiles The Torrents'

Monday, June 25, 2012

Medieval Unit study

We have kick started our second term and all in all it's going quite well. Last week wasn't TOO painful getting back into the swing of things and so I'm hoping that this week will continue on that good way!
With Ezekiel wanting to study "who sat on the throne first," Hannah thought it would be good to focus more on the Ladies of the time. It seems that there is quite some info on the period of the Middle Ages and some very interesting women from this time so that's where the focus is for her this term.
For Zeke we will go with the same time period but mainly all about the Kings, Knights and so on going on through the ages till now.
I have some great ideas for the little one's too on craft and activities so here is a list of links that you might find helpful if you'd like to study this fascinating period of time.

Middle Ages Women
Medieval Kings and Queens
The Great Cardboard castle (need a lot of help for this masterpiece!)
Castle Craft (much easier)
Labeled Diagram of Castles
Castle Middle Ages (like the picture of this one!)
Paper Dolls
The Middle Ages for Kids (awesome site with HEAPS of things!)
FREE Middle Ages Games and Activities
Unit Study on Middle Ages outline
The Plague lapbook
Kings and Queens of England lapbook (awesome lapbook with pictures and poem!)
Abstract Castle (for Art)
Castles for Kids
Medieval flash cards
Medieval Musical instruments (for our Music Monday study)
Medieval Music (on YouTube)
Middle Ages Music Pictures
Middle ages map of England 700 (for our Friday Geography)
Map of England 878
Map of England in 1066

I hope this is helpful to someone, someday! In the meantime I better get some things printed ready for our school day! Hope yours is a super,wonderful one!
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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Royal Crown's been lots of fun!

I'm really so proud of myself for actually tackling this project and getting this special Royal Crowns done for our treasures!! This pic was taken on Monday when I'd finished hand-sewing all the "jewels" on and got the stretchy bands sewed for the back.
 Hannah's is the Top
Esther's is next
Zeke third and 
Sophia's last

They are actually complete now but I still need to take a pic of them on my children's heads!! It's been so cool to do something different, the girls in particular are loving wearing them, I caught Esther with hers on after we'd said good night last night!!! CUTE!
Smile The Torrents'

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Making our royal crowns

I'm sooo proud of myself, usually I have these awesome ideas for sewing craft with/for the children but then they just seem too hard and the moment passes. NOT THIS TIME!! YAY I'm totally making THESE crowns and they are coming up pretty cool (the children are heaps excited too!!)
By the end of today they should be finished... YAY!!!

Hope your days ahead are full of wonderful things and I'll pop in again soon
Smiles The Torrents'

Friday, June 1, 2012

Queen's Diamond Jubilee Anniversary Craft ideas

Now that first term is over (sooo excited about the next 2 weeks of holidays!!) I'm already looking for ideas and resources for our new unit study next term which is The Royal Family!!
With today being the anniversary of the Queen's Coronation Day I was wanting to make some crowns with the children and perhaps have a tea-party later this afternoon!
I went searching for crown patterns last night and THIS is the one that I found which I'm hoping to try today!
I found THIS site too which has loads of fun children craft ideas and then lastly in case you haven't seen the latest Woman's Weekly has a Limited Special Edition all on the Queen. It's full of fabulous photographs and info... just what i need for my shelf leading up to term 2!
Oooo if you're into knitting ( so love to make cute little projects) then THIS is the perfect crown for you!!
I'm hoping that my beginners knowledge will not stop me from knitting one of these beauties but firstly I need to talk with my mum and get the low down!! I also would love to knit THIS! I LOVE a theme and to make these would be sooooo fun! :)
Well for now I hope that I've inspired you to do something cool and hopefully I'll show you what i make later but until then here is one more crown of the more simpler type... good ol' paper, click HERE if you want to give it a go!
Smile The Torrents'