Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wonderful World Wednesday-Autumn outing

Autumn really is my absolute favourite time of the year! So with all the leaves looking sooo amazing we had to get out and enjoy some of the sunny weather while we can! The Gorge in Launceston is one of the best picks for Autumn splendor!
 I sooo love that Esther and Sapphire are holding hands, so precious!
 Found some fun helicopter seeds!!
We all love these!
 Great example of wild mushrooms 
growing in the moist, damp ground.
 The children and I were all trying to catch the falling leaves!
It's sooo much fun! 
Hannah and Zeke caught 5
Sophia, Esther and I caught 1.
 We even spotted Peacocks and wallabies!
Wednesday's are one of my favourite days in the week, I hope you have a wonderful one too!
Smiles The Torrents'

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Alphabet fun craft - {Denise Fleming Virtual Book Club for Kids}

I'm sooo happy that we didn't miss the latest Virtual Book club featuring Denise Fleming!! I even got some books from our Library for it! YAY! We were able to get a wonderful Alphabet book called "Alphabet under Construction"
I read it to the little ones and then we did a craft. What I love about this book is that the older children loved it too (they had already read it on the way home from the Library!!) We then had a brain storm on otherways we could decorate the letters, like "s" stripes, "e" eyecatching colour, "r" raindrops!!
Another fabbo thing about this activity is that it covered all of my children's ages! Zeke and Hannah came up with more advanced alliteration combinations, it was super!!
 Esther making her EYE CATCHING "E's" in complimentary colours Red and Green!
 Zeke pondering what other combo's he can come up with.... so far
"I" illusion, "P" puzzle, "A" abstract
 Sophia is punching out lots of SPOTS for her "s"
 Sapphire wanting to help Esther with sticking spots on her work!
 Now for some finger painting! CUTE!!!
 "S" is for sparkle.... Sparkly fingers and nose!!
 colouring in her rainbow "R"
 We copied the tiled "T" for Esther's name from the book.
 Hannah joined in too with some "H" for happy faces
This is Esther's finished name:
"E" for eyecatching, "S" for sparkle, "T" for tiles
"H" for holey, "R" for rainbow!
Sophia's finished name:
"S" for spotty, "O" for opposite, "P" for patchy,
"H" for hopeful, "I" for inky and "A" for alphabet!

What a fun time we all had!! Happy reading and crafting and thanks heaps for popping in!
Smiles The Torrents'

Monday, May 5, 2014

Autumn crowns - leaf craft for children

Our wonderful girls are soooo amazing!! (as of course is our son!) Just the other day we all went to the park and I collected some leaves, I LOVE AUTUMN and collecting leaves is a MUST!!!It 's like picking flowers without getting into trouble!!! hee he
As the afternoon progressed Esther came up to me with the usual comment.....
"Mummy what can I do??" I usually tell her go and draw or read a book... but this time I said, "Why don't you look at the leaves Mummy collected and sort them out into colours and sizes or what leaves you think belong together!!"
She was super excited and run to the play room to do exactly that!! (YAY!) After awhile she sang out saying that she wanted to make a crown with the leaves! WOW!!! Well you can imagine that the mention of that soon had Hannah and Sophia eagerly joining in!! It wasn't long before (with help from me with the Hot glue gun!) They came up with their own Nature Masterpieces!!!
Off to the dress up box for some co-ordinating costumes and they were all outside, dancing around with their very amazing Autumn Crowns!!!!
( I gotta say it inspired me sooo much I made one too!!)
Don't you just LOVE IT when your treasures use their imagination, crafty ability and surprise you with it all!!
Smiles The Torrents'

Frog craft for children - Egyptian Unit study (animals in the Nile)


We will be continuing our Egyptian Unit study for a few more weeks into this term and I still have lots more to show you! For the little girls we looked at animals that live in the Nile River! FROGS are one of those and so a frog craft (which also worked well when they came up again in the 10 plagues) was in order!
It was just meant to be some froggie puppets (from HERE under frog's eggs!)
but in the end Sophia and Esther's imagination went wild and a puppet theatre complete with log and pond was created!!!!
Well then the "5 little speckled frog" song was sung over and over and Mummy couldn't have been happier!!

Smiles The Torrents'