Monday, May 5, 2014

Autumn crowns - leaf craft for children

Our wonderful girls are soooo amazing!! (as of course is our son!) Just the other day we all went to the park and I collected some leaves, I LOVE AUTUMN and collecting leaves is a MUST!!!It 's like picking flowers without getting into trouble!!! hee he
As the afternoon progressed Esther came up to me with the usual comment.....
"Mummy what can I do??" I usually tell her go and draw or read a book... but this time I said, "Why don't you look at the leaves Mummy collected and sort them out into colours and sizes or what leaves you think belong together!!"
She was super excited and run to the play room to do exactly that!! (YAY!) After awhile she sang out saying that she wanted to make a crown with the leaves! WOW!!! Well you can imagine that the mention of that soon had Hannah and Sophia eagerly joining in!! It wasn't long before (with help from me with the Hot glue gun!) They came up with their own Nature Masterpieces!!!
Off to the dress up box for some co-ordinating costumes and they were all outside, dancing around with their very amazing Autumn Crowns!!!!
( I gotta say it inspired me sooo much I made one too!!)
Don't you just LOVE IT when your treasures use their imagination, crafty ability and surprise you with it all!!
Smiles The Torrents'

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