Friday, March 22, 2013

Night Monkey Day Monkey craft activity {Julia Donaldson Virtual Book Club for Kids Blog Hop}

I'm SUPER EXCITED to be part of a wonderful blog hop featuring some of Julia Donaldson's amazing books!! I personally have quite a few favourites (none of which are actually The Gruffalo) including Tabby McTat, Stick Man, The Whale and the Snail and Night Monkey Day Monkey.
We are actually doing a unit study on Nursery Rhymes at the moment and this week we were focusing on Jack and Jill, which includes quite a lot of opposites so the book I went with was Night Monkey Day Monkey.
I read it to the children and then while I got the craft organized Esther took it to her room and put on the CD and read it again! She LOVES books and especially ones that have cd's with them!!

I found THIS great climbing critters craft which worked perfectly for this book! After all Monkeys love to go up and down trees which is another opposite!!

 Ezekiel pulled out one of our craft books and got started on sketching a monkey so he knew how to make one. First on the chalkboard and then on paper, he's called Mike! I printed THIS ONE for Esther and the girls also made up their own out of my stamping up card stock!

I love the excitement of Esther's face with her little monkey climbing up the door....
 and Hannah and Zeke's idea to hang the monkeys on the highest point possible to see them go.

Here is there completed monkeys

Sophia's top left, then Hannah's and lastly Ezekiel's (the one with his string wrapped round him as he just packed him up!)
Do make sure you check out the other FANTASTIC ideas for wonderful activities with your children in the
Julia Donaldson Virtual Book Club for Kids Blog Hop!!
Thanks for popping by, I hope you liked our fun idea!
Smiles The Torrents'

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