Monday, March 11, 2013

Nursery Rhyme unit study week #3 - London Bridge is Falling down

London Bride is Falling Down is one of the most well known Nursery Rhymes around the World! It has actually been made with wood, stone, concrete and steal! It was last built in 1973.
The week we studied this rhyme we also looked at other types of bridges, did a structure craft, and.... well Hannah was unwell most of that week so I told Ezekiel on one of Hannah's sick days that he needed to build a bridge out of Lego for his "school" work that day. Afterwards we acted out the rhyme with the Lego people and Zeke's amazing bridge! It was really fun and a great project for a "sick" week!
This is what he made..... he actually printed a picture of the London Bridge and copied that!! Such a clever Lego builder he is!!

 Working out the bridge
 Getting the blue blocks for the river
 The supports of the bridge
 River, complete with plant life!
 The Finished London Bridge
with proud engineer
 Here are the workers that Zeke added 
that had to fix the bridge after it fell!
 Hannah helped find the blocks so she wanted a picture too!

 Smiles The Torrents'

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