Thursday, August 29, 2013

Animal Felt Masks (woodland)

With being a bit under the weather the other week I decided to do some special craft with the children. I have these fantastic ideas for during our "usual" school days but in the end it never seems to happen so this was the opportunity to have some fun and sew!!
I had seen THESE masks on-line and loved them so with the picture and THIS and THIS template we got to work designing and tweaking our very own animal masks!!
Each of the children picked out what animal they wanted. Hannah - Raccoon, Sophia - Skunk, Ezekiel - Fox and Esther chose the owl. I even got to pick my favourite the Deer!! YAY!
It took a couple of days to have them all complete but in the end they were all VERY happy with their special craft!
On the first night of them being finished Hannah asked me to wear mine while I was washing up! Of course she eagerly joined in too and we chatted while being Mrs Deer and Miss Raccoon! Even now WEEKS later the girls put them on and roll play!
I'm sooo pleased I made the time to make them, there are already plans for some other animal masks. Hannah would LOVE a Cheetah, I'd like to make a bunny for Sapphire and well, who knows what other fun faces we can come up with!!
Smiles The Torrents'

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