Friday, September 23, 2011

We'll always remember that day!

Isn't it always the way that when bad things happen you can later look back and, well make a good story of it!!
This is what happened on this particular day! We had packed up and left Burrum River ready for a 2 hr drive North. We were only 10 minutes down the road when all of a sudden a loud screech sounded, followed with a bang and the caravan dragging behind us! We quickly started to pull over!!!
Allan looked somewhat worried once checking out the revision mirror but I tried to keep everyone calm (the children mostly) and said
"It's only a flat/blown tyre everyone, it's ok!!"
Little did I know that the tire had actually, in the words of my husband in telling this story (now a good few times...) "GONE BUSH!"

It was completely ripped off the studs! Ouch, this wasn't good!
I have to say though, that on this day we know FOR SURE just how much GOD was looking after us and providing for us! A lovely man stopped and then People whom we met at the caravan park and got friendly with also stopped to help. Iit was amazing!! They took Allan into the nearest town, got supplies, bought lunch and drove him back. We (the children and I) filled in 5 hours on the side of the road, playing games of counting the number of Red, yellow, blue (whatever other colour that was driving past) cars and working out what colour was the most popular. Which is WHITE by the way!!! Very closely followed by SILVER! Some eating of yummy chips that were brought back, T.V, and the occasional checking on Daddy seeing if he needed help, reading and just simply doing nothing while waiting.... Allan had fixed the issue and we were off again, not only with a fixed van but a very good story, and a day that we'd always remember!

Smiles The Torrents's

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My dream came true {too}

One of the most amazing animals that GOd has made would have to be the Whale!!!! Ohhhh it's my absolute favourite!!! You know when you're a little girl .... one of your favourite things is usually horses and dolphins, well not ME!!! I LOVE WHALES!!!!

When we realised that during the months of Aug and Nov Humpback whales play around in the warmer waters of Hervey Bay QLD, it became a MUST DO!!!!! I'd been saving all my workshop money and had exactly $300 to do the cruise. After many a phone call to all the local cruise companies, this lovely group Tasman Venture gave us this SUPER deal and by God's awesome blessing said it would be only $300!!! You can imagine just how excited I was!!!! Let me say that all my family, (well both my brother and sister) have seen whales..... and their not even their favourite...... finally it was my TURN to see these magnificent mammals!!!!! YAY! YAY! YAY!!!!
The day was amazing, still calm waters, the most stunning clouds you've ever seen, (another one of my favourite things God's made... the sky, especially clouds) my very special family to share this memory with and wonderful staff to chat too! What more could you ask for....... well perhaps a whale?!?!?!

Spot the seal in the background here with Zeke

After some time we spotted a New Zealand Fur seal, all by it's lonesome, just hanging out looking for a friend. The guides said that they're spotted only once every 2-3 years and is usually because they've got lost along the way!!! Dear little fellow, he looked pretty happy though!

Next we saw 2 dolphins playing around and joining us at the front of the boat. They looked sooo amazing, and the speed they were swimming was unbelievable!!!! This was all very nice but I was really WANTING TO SEE A WHALE!!!!!

Finally in the distance there was one, just playing in the water, slapping his PECK (well so they say) and diving in with his tail in the air...... it even breached, so this now was beginning to be something. Before long the whale saw the dolphins and decided to come over and play! This was very cool, it was right up at the boat!!!!! Then after some more chatting (splashing and diving) a smaller whale came over and decided to check us out too! I can honestly say I was speechless, trying sooo hard to take photo's all the while trying to take in everything I was seeing! There they were the 2 of them just bobbing up and down, blowing in rhythm with each other.... right next to US! The boat was rocking sooo much from the sheer power of them "treading water!" Allan said at one point, "I think the whales are here to see us, not us seeing them!!!"

I loved it all soooooooo much and am soooo thankful for such an amazing opportunity!!!! You couldn't wipe the smile off my face, AMAZING, SUPER, FANTASTIC, REMARKABLE, MIGHTY, BEAUTIFUL creatures of the sea!!!

I know for sure that next time (which there will be!!!) We'll leave it a later in Aug as it's been said that there could be up to 100 whales in the bay at one time...... of course I was happy for our 2 that day and am sooo grateful for what was truly a DREAM COME TRUE!
Smiles The Torrents's :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

{the wonders of the beach}

One of my most favourite things about our holiday was the time we spent on the beach! I loved playing the in the sand, building castles, taking photo's, watching the children play and just being with my wonderful family! Here are some of my special moments I'd like to share with you!

Smiles The Torrents's

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Flying High

It's not every day you get to see your friend do his "job" jumping out of an airplanes!! So when we were told that there was an OPEN day at Andrew's work.... the Army in Nowra, we jumped (he he he!) at the chance to see him do what he does almost EVERY day!
We were shown how the riggers pack the "chutes" as they're called, asked questions, felt just how HUGELY heavy the packs actually are, see the "boys" in their FULL ARMY gear, like if they were jumping into war (to the point the men can hardly stand, at least for long period's of time that is!) It was soooo interesting and then at the end of all that we walked to their "drop zone" and waited for Andrew and his mates to jump and land in front of us!

The plane had to fly around a little while waiting to see if the wind was right, then soon after we saw 4 little dots falling from the sky.....

Here is Andrew, now with the flag released and coming in for landing

A little closer


It was soooo funny after, the Army guys were all talking about the land and how there was a huge amount of turbulance just before hitting the ground. So much so that they nearly didn't land "on their feet" Apparently if you "take a knee" you can get a bit of slack!! Remember ladies and gents these are tough guys, and they need to look and act tough too!!! :)

We had such a great time and loved seeing first hand what these amazing riggers do! Thanks Andrew for showing us around, it was awesome!
Smiles The Torrents's

p.s Happy Father's Day Andrew, all the best for the next 6 weeks to you and your lovely family! May the time FLY by and you all be in each others company safe and sound and soon!