Friday, September 23, 2011

We'll always remember that day!

Isn't it always the way that when bad things happen you can later look back and, well make a good story of it!!
This is what happened on this particular day! We had packed up and left Burrum River ready for a 2 hr drive North. We were only 10 minutes down the road when all of a sudden a loud screech sounded, followed with a bang and the caravan dragging behind us! We quickly started to pull over!!!
Allan looked somewhat worried once checking out the revision mirror but I tried to keep everyone calm (the children mostly) and said
"It's only a flat/blown tyre everyone, it's ok!!"
Little did I know that the tire had actually, in the words of my husband in telling this story (now a good few times...) "GONE BUSH!"

It was completely ripped off the studs! Ouch, this wasn't good!
I have to say though, that on this day we know FOR SURE just how much GOD was looking after us and providing for us! A lovely man stopped and then People whom we met at the caravan park and got friendly with also stopped to help. Iit was amazing!! They took Allan into the nearest town, got supplies, bought lunch and drove him back. We (the children and I) filled in 5 hours on the side of the road, playing games of counting the number of Red, yellow, blue (whatever other colour that was driving past) cars and working out what colour was the most popular. Which is WHITE by the way!!! Very closely followed by SILVER! Some eating of yummy chips that were brought back, T.V, and the occasional checking on Daddy seeing if he needed help, reading and just simply doing nothing while waiting.... Allan had fixed the issue and we were off again, not only with a fixed van but a very good story, and a day that we'd always remember!

Smiles The Torrents's

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  1. Oh my! So glad that story had a happy ending.