Sunday, October 2, 2011


Today is Ezekiel's 8th birthday (happy birthday sweetie!!) and so I wanted to share with you Zeke's favourite place that he wanted to visit while we were in QLD! COLD ROCK!!! If you haven't heard of it, it's a place that makes the scrummiest ice-creams with WHATEVER combo of things you want in it! Ohhh yes, not the place for those who don't make decisions well!!!

I would have to say that I'm a little like that and after 5 taste tests I decided on Hazelnut/chocolate ice cream and one of my personal fav's lemon sorbet! YUMMO!!! Inside I had mixed in Brownie Fudge squares and Nutella!!!

Oh my mouth is getting all watery just typing this...... The children had the best time choosing and then eating their special treats, it was such a glorious and very FUN day!!!
Smiles The Torrents's
p.s Esther did get some too, she shared ours!!


  1. Oh, this looks like my kinda shop! Yum!

  2. oh I remember visiting Cold Rock in the USA years ago but haven't come across one here. I LOVE that you chose hazelnut chocolate - that totally would have been my pick too!!

  3. Hi Sharnee, I saw your comment on another blog looking for aussie homeschoolers. Being one myself I thought I would drop by and say hello! the icecream looks yummo alright! Beautiful family you have, gorgeous smiles! Big hello from the NSW North Coast