Thursday, October 13, 2011

And that brings us to the end

I feel as though our holiday was a mere moment in time - certainly not the 5 weeks that it actually was! We really needed that time as a family, life has been hard here in the Torrents household, especially leading up to July!! What this holiday did for us is nothing short of amazing! We have our family BACK! Our little tribe united again! Not only has it drawn us closer but it's made us stronger too!!!
I just wanted to go over the last day before the children and I flew out of Sydney....

Here are all the children outside our accommodation for the night, Allan dropped us off and headed south to Melbourne to sail home on the SPirit the following night.

There certainly wasn't much to our room! We were all very surprised, so we made good use of the "bathroom" we simply called it the second room! You can imagine how "comfortable" the floor was to read on while the children were sleeping and I was waiting to go to bed!! It's funny now but I can honestly say at the time.... well we tried to look on the positive!!!

After the park we walked around Botany Bay looking for somewhere nice to eat some afternoon tea. I saw this amazing cake shop and HAD to go in! The decor was sooo pretty and the food... oh the food that was before us was soooo tempting! We all decided this was the place to eat! It was hard to choose what goodies we should munch on but eventually we all sat down and enjoyed our tasty treats!
It was soon getting time to head back, we had caught a bus into the city (Sydney) and then caught one back to the hotel. Near the Hotel was a Maccers and so that's were we had tea. The children had the best time in the playground there, they had musical instruments that made HEAPS of sounds!! They loved it!

Walking back to the Hotel

The next day we were flying home! It's hard to believe after sooo much time that we were off to Tassie again. Esther especially LOVED seeing all the planes (she still even now when she hears one, looks up and waves madly to whomever might be on board! CUTE!) We ended up needing to fill in over 1hr of delay time so watching the planes was a good filler!

Once home we had just one more sleep till Daddy was home! The children were soooo excited but none more than Esther! When she saw Daddy she hugged and hugged and hugged him, with this amazing giggle and delight that here he was! It was sooooo wonderful and a very special moment for Allan!
So there you have it, it's now a wrap! Of course since being home we have been doing lots of other fun things which I will post on soon! I hope you've enjoyed sharing in our holiday fun with us!
Smiles The Torrents's

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