Friday, October 14, 2011

The wonderful places we stayed!

We had the most wonderful time staying in different caravan parks, seeing what the Pro's and con's were in each and checking out all they had to offer. Here is a list of some of the parks we stayed at.

Ocean View (near Landsborough)

Burrum River (just 35min's from Hervey BAy)

View from our van! SO amazing!!

Tun Curry- the first place we stayed at in a cabin

Swansea - Blacksmith's (click on link and see the exact Villa we stayed in!!)
second cabin we stayed in!

There are some super amazing places to visit over on the BIG ISLAND! My absolute fav was DEFIANTLY Burrum River, the people were amazing, outstanding, fantastic!!!! Here are the children in the buggie with Charles the Manager of the place! So fun!!!!

Smiles The Torrents's

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  1. Such fun! I am still trying to convince my man to buy a house on wheels so we can travel about. So far he remains unconvinced. Swansea is the closest to us out of these. About half hour away I think. We are near Norah Head, great caravan park here too! In answer to your question re my boys ages. Zak is 12 and Adem is nearly 14. I also have 3 girls (19, 21 and 23). My local tribe share their little kids with me so lots of littlies appear on my blog often. The little one from my last post is my niece who I borrow on a regular basis! She is a handful but extremely adorable. :-)