Wednesday, November 9, 2011


My beautiful pussy cat Kaizahn was sadly put down on Friday. I miss her sooooo and wanted to just take a moment to share some of my favourite pictures of her. She was a super wonderful tittens (affectionately known as Fluffy Orange Tittens) with 13 years of life. Kaizahn coped through 2 moves, many a holiday being left to defend her self (with some help from friends,) multiply hit's from cars, a good few cat fights, 4 children, the occasional stuck in the garage adventure and lots and lots of love from us!

She LOVED boxes and WOOL! Yes she chewed and wrecked many a woolen jumper and especially LOTS of Allan's pairs of woolly socks! She even pulled out my knitting bag recently and munched through some of the balls of wool! he he, so funny but very TRUE! My favourite part of the day was when I came to rest on the couch and she would jump up, purr, paw and get comfy until I went to bed! I loved her soooo much and will miss her dearly!

Goodbye sweet Kaizahn, thank you for everything!
Smiles The Torrents's


  1. Oh she is beautiful! I am sad for your loss as you will miss her! But I wish her a very happy journey in her new life. Flying free in spirit! Big hugs to you. xoxoxoxox

  2. She is a gorgeous little thing! I know you and your family will miss her so much but also enjoy being able to reminisce over all those funny good times! My girl, Chloe, is almost 19 years old and is still going somewhat strong. I do cherish each day with her cos she is like a little Grandma!

  3. It's so sad to lose a much loved pet. She was a beautiful cat.