Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our Snow trip 2013

We like to try and get to the snow each year. This year I wasn't sure that we'd make it with a baby and all but when I was out and about the other Saturday morning and saw the amazing white tips on the mountains I came home most excited to go for a trip!
When went the following weekend (YAY the snow was still there!) and decided that instead of the mountains we'd go to the Central highlands. It was the best decision and is now our children's FAV spot to go!!! (so they kept saying!!) For a start it was WARM!! Yes, it seems strange to say but the sun was sooo delightful and it was totally warm! We found a great spot to pull over and there was a paddock like piece of land that we all had loads of fun playing in!

 Sapphire was totally mesmerized by it, Esther had a blast and couldn't be happier,  
which was lovely after last years melt down after about 1/2 hour!!
  there was a ramp for the toboggans..... very funny....eating and tossing of the snow!!!


Hannah also had the best time EVER in the snow (she also usually doesn't have much fun due to very cold feet) and Sophia and Zeke, well they loved every minute too!! (though they always do!)
The girls made snow angels.... sooo beautiful!!

Of course you can't leave the snow without trying to take some home, Hannah got onto that job and filled the windscreen with that wonderful white stuff before we headed off!
Smiles The Torrents'

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ohhh baby it's cold outside!

One of the things I love about this time of year in Tasmania is the crisp, cold mornings with the frosty surroundings and the brilliant sunshine that melts it all away leaving the most wonderful Winter's day.
I stepped outside to get some photo's of the wonder of Winter here in our garden.(then promptly ran back inside to warm myself in front of the toasty warm fire!)
Smiles The Torrents'

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Holidays- our day today

This is the first time in Tassie that we have had a winter holiday. With four terms now the breaks in-between are much different than what I'm used to. We've been having a very relaxed time, most mornings spent in our pj's and just doing what we'd like..... (well the children mostly) though today I did jobs, cooked and had some "me" time crafting.
So here was our day.... The last few mornings I've spotted these birds (European Goldfinch) in our front yard enjoying the seeds from the Lavender. My camera doesn't have much of a zoom and as soon as i get too close they fly off but I did get this pic today! Zeke spotted this light on the wall (totally amazing!!!) grabbed my camera and took a photo to show me. Sophia earned phone time buy hanging out the washing for me. Esther loves to read (I found her twice throughout the day with books!!) Zeke had a friend over and played Lego with Jo. Sapphire loves to roll around on the floor. My craft table saw some creating, a needed a male Get well soon card. Esther did some colouring-in, then Sophia brought out the chalk board to draw. Hannah saw it was a great day to sort out the Lego again in their colour containers. Sophia helped make afternoon tea Apple muffins (which also went to my dear friends that I made the card for) we also had one of our favourites for lunch, Savory scones.... YUMMMM! We ate lunch outside in the delightful sunshine. The children went scootering down the front path. Cuddles with Sapphire happen often in each and every day with her loving sisters and brother!
Smiles The Torrents'

Monday, July 15, 2013

Moon Phases with yummy Oreos

When you mix science with food you most certainly get the children's attention!!
I saw this fabbo idea of using Oreos to make the Moon Phases and so one morning we set to making our own.
 Hannah was wonderful in letting us know what shape we needed for what phase, Zeke and Sophia would try and carefully separate the oreos and Esther, well she enjoyed eating the broken ones!! hee hee :)

We lined them all up and then had great fun in eating them!!
How cool to learn in such groovy ways.
Smiles The Torrents'