Saturday, September 3, 2011

Flying High

It's not every day you get to see your friend do his "job" jumping out of an airplanes!! So when we were told that there was an OPEN day at Andrew's work.... the Army in Nowra, we jumped (he he he!) at the chance to see him do what he does almost EVERY day!
We were shown how the riggers pack the "chutes" as they're called, asked questions, felt just how HUGELY heavy the packs actually are, see the "boys" in their FULL ARMY gear, like if they were jumping into war (to the point the men can hardly stand, at least for long period's of time that is!) It was soooo interesting and then at the end of all that we walked to their "drop zone" and waited for Andrew and his mates to jump and land in front of us!

The plane had to fly around a little while waiting to see if the wind was right, then soon after we saw 4 little dots falling from the sky.....

Here is Andrew, now with the flag released and coming in for landing

A little closer


It was soooo funny after, the Army guys were all talking about the land and how there was a huge amount of turbulance just before hitting the ground. So much so that they nearly didn't land "on their feet" Apparently if you "take a knee" you can get a bit of slack!! Remember ladies and gents these are tough guys, and they need to look and act tough too!!! :)

We had such a great time and loved seeing first hand what these amazing riggers do! Thanks Andrew for showing us around, it was awesome!
Smiles The Torrents's

p.s Happy Father's Day Andrew, all the best for the next 6 weeks to you and your lovely family! May the time FLY by and you all be in each others company safe and sound and soon!

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