Friday, August 19, 2011

Dreams do come true!

One of the main things we were all looking forward to was our trip to the wonderful, FAMOUS Australia Zoo!!! We were able to time our trip with Bindi's 13th Birthday! YAY! It's actually Hannah who has been a BIG fan of Bindi's for YEARS!!!!

I mean in her little world she would love to be able to hang out with her, have lunch, have a sleep over so on and so forth! So when she actually got to meet her and hug her and talk to her about Tassie, it was one of the most amazing experiences in her life! (and ours too!)

We had waited for over an hour in the line at the Pink carpet and once the moment had passed Allan, Hannah and Myself just broke down crying! The emotion was sooo intense and overwhelming it was AWESOME!!!!! Her dream can true!!!!! YAY!

So then it was about enjoying the festivities of the day! We sang Happy Birthday to Bindi and even got to have some of her cake, we saw her feed a crocodile for the first time and loved the Grease Show they had in the Croc-o-seum

One of my best bits was the bird display & also the feeding of the elephants! This was soooo fun!
We will definately be going back one year, it was truly the best day!!!!

Smiles The Torrents's


  1. Awesome pictures! We have to get to this zoo one of these days! How cool to meet Bindi, she's gorgeous! xxx

  2. Hi guys,
    sounds like you are having the best time ever!!! Looking forward to catching up and hearing all of your great stories.
    Safe travels

  3. awww Sharnee what a great day at Australia zoo for all of you and awesome for Hannah, a moment in time she will remember for ever. So glade you are having a great holiday, we are so luck to be able to explore this wonderful country that we are so lucky to live in. :-)