Saturday, August 6, 2011

All packed up

It was quite an effort to pack all our belongings for our holiday. We really didn't know how much to bring the fact that we were buying our camp-a-van in Brisbane. Pots and pans, bedding, clothes, pantry items, bikes, tools, chairs, table..... etc etc!!! Allan left Tassie with our car full of things and then the children and I had the rest of our stuff, toys and clothes and the like.
Well with a "Allan" speciality tarp cover this is what our car looked like before heading to get our caravan!

Our little peas in a very squishy, squashy pod!

I had our Thermo Mix on my lap! Yes we even brought that!!!
It's great for camping!

Thankfully we only had to travel like this for just over an hour!! The children did sooo well, their legs were very, nearly up to their armpits and Esther and Sophia couldn't even see each other for things piled high!! It sure was a drive to remember!!! Once at our new van we all un-folded and headed for Landsborough.
More on our adventure soon.....
Smiles The Torrents's

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