Saturday, July 30, 2011

Such a lovely place

We had the most wonderful time with our dear friends the Jordan's! They just recently moved to Brisbane and so we were able to check out their new home and have a good old catch up!!!

Zeke LOVES Mr Jordan's "old" space Lego!

The children especially had a fabulous time playing outside in the warm of the QLD sun with all of Emma and Luke's cool toys!!!
Sophia in the Little Red Car! It was all about taking turns with this one,
everyone wanted a go!

Esther's first time with sand... and liking it!!
Before this trip she would wiggle and squirm when anywhere near sand
but with this little sand table set up she actually grew to LOVE IT!!
It was wonderful to watch her change her thoughts about it all!

Sending HUGE hugs to you lovely Jordan family..... we miss you!!!
Smiles The Torrents's

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  1. Awesome to see you are still blogging on holiday!! We miss you too, love ya heaps xxoo