Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ant food experiment (part two)

To see what else the ants liked to eat we put out another range of delish food to watch these amazing little insects at work once again! This time it was some mince from spag bol sauce, a canned piece of pear and lastly some soggy cereal.
 Zeke said we should put the lids on the steps this time, right here he said near the post at our deck. We could see some ants crawling (or do the march??) up and down, 
before 10 minutes were up the forager ant found the mince! The children guessed that the pear would go first this time but it turns out they prefer meat!
 Within an hour some more ants joined in on the yumminess 
and then 3 hours later it looked like this.....

Zeke did notice again that a bird must of got some cause he saw some mince on the footpath..... ummm and the cereal was totally GONE!!

I think we will do it again with some more variety of food choices, just not sure what to go with?!?!? Ummm  I'm sure we will think of something!
Smiles The Torrents'

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