Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Alphabet fun craft - {Denise Fleming Virtual Book Club for Kids}

I'm sooo happy that we didn't miss the latest Virtual Book club featuring Denise Fleming!! I even got some books from our Library for it! YAY! We were able to get a wonderful Alphabet book called "Alphabet under Construction"
I read it to the little ones and then we did a craft. What I love about this book is that the older children loved it too (they had already read it on the way home from the Library!!) We then had a brain storm on otherways we could decorate the letters, like "s" stripes, "e" eyecatching colour, "r" raindrops!!
Another fabbo thing about this activity is that it covered all of my children's ages! Zeke and Hannah came up with more advanced alliteration combinations, it was super!!
 Esther making her EYE CATCHING "E's" in complimentary colours Red and Green!
 Zeke pondering what other combo's he can come up with.... so far
"I" illusion, "P" puzzle, "A" abstract
 Sophia is punching out lots of SPOTS for her "s"
 Sapphire wanting to help Esther with sticking spots on her work!
 Now for some finger painting! CUTE!!!
 "S" is for sparkle.... Sparkly fingers and nose!!
 colouring in her rainbow "R"
 We copied the tiled "T" for Esther's name from the book.
 Hannah joined in too with some "H" for happy faces
This is Esther's finished name:
"E" for eyecatching, "S" for sparkle, "T" for tiles
"H" for holey, "R" for rainbow!
Sophia's finished name:
"S" for spotty, "O" for opposite, "P" for patchy,
"H" for hopeful, "I" for inky and "A" for alphabet!

What a fun time we all had!! Happy reading and crafting and thanks heaps for popping in!
Smiles The Torrents'

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