Saturday, June 9, 2012

Royal Crown's been lots of fun!

I'm really so proud of myself for actually tackling this project and getting this special Royal Crowns done for our treasures!! This pic was taken on Monday when I'd finished hand-sewing all the "jewels" on and got the stretchy bands sewed for the back.
 Hannah's is the Top
Esther's is next
Zeke third and 
Sophia's last

They are actually complete now but I still need to take a pic of them on my children's heads!! It's been so cool to do something different, the girls in particular are loving wearing them, I caught Esther with hers on after we'd said good night last night!!! CUTE!
Smile The Torrents'

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  1. ooh they are beautiful!! Perfect for a fancy tea party too :)

    Much love
    xxxx Carli