Tuesday, May 29, 2012


 Building the Titanic with Lucas

 Inspiration picture as a guide

As my wonderful son is incredibly into Lego I thought it a super idea for him to make a model of the Titanic. He wasn't too sure of this but when one of his dear friends came over to play they tackled it together and this is the awesomeness that they made...

 The finished Ship with even an ice berg and a shark attached to the anchor!
(love the little details!)

  Here is a pic of the ship opening to show the Boiler workers inside!

Lastly the crow's nest with good old Fleet looking out!
I was sooo proud of their efforts and think they did a SUPER AMAZING job! We are about to finish our Titanic study today with the final of our Test questions. I'm sure the children have really enjoyed it (even though they say it was just work and it was boring.....) I would have to argue that point!! he he
Smiles The Torrents'

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