Friday, November 22, 2013

Rainy day baking {Moustache cookies}

I'm not sure you'd believe it if I told you that we totally had Summer land here on Wednesday and then, over night that was a distant memory with waking up to Winter land!!! We had the fire going, it was cold, VERY COLD and rainy and well, a really great day to enjoy some cooking together and have some fun!!!
So that's what we did! I needed to make some biscuit gifts for my ladies (in my stamp club) so I doubled the batch so the children could have some super yummy "moustache" cookies!!!
My amazingly awesome friend Carli gave me the cutters for these little beauties for my birthday and they are the coolest thing EVER!!!
What fun there is to be had when you have a moustache bikkie at your lip!!! It sure turned the rainy day into a sunny one (at least in the inside!!!)
Smiles The Torrents'

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  1. I got such a great giggle from these pictures!! Love you guys sooooo much xxoOxx XX ooxoOoox oxo xXXoxo