Monday, April 7, 2014

Mummified Apple Experiment part two (Egyptian unit study)

 We have now finished our Mummified apple experiment!! YAY it was such a great science project and each of us really enjoyed it! In the end (as expected) the Apple in the salt preserved the best, it still looked like an apple.... the most interesting was the vinegar apple, it looked like it had swollen up, even like it had got bigger!! It was very strange!! Then lastly apple by itself just went off. Take a look at our findings!!
 sifting through the raw sugar and bicarb powder....
 All the apples and their labels after a week!
If you are studying Ancient Egypt then I think that this experiment is a must!! I've seen you can also do chickens.... might not try that one!! hee hee!! If you want to see part one of this click HERE and to see where I got the instructions from click HERE!
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  1. Wrapping seems to be counterproductive to preservation. Why did the Egyptians keep doing it?