Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mummified Apple Experiment-part one (Egyptian Unit study)

For our Tuesday Science day we recently did the Mummified apple experiment! All the children LOVED it and were all able to take part, which is a wonderful thing when you have sooo many ages to work with!
Hannah in particular is really getting into our science days (totally am thrilled with that!!) you can see it in her face in the coming pictures!!
All the instructions we got from HERE at another fellow homeschooling blog, it was nice and easy to follow!
 getting all the ingredients ready for the experiment
 Preparing the apple pieces
 Zeke wrote all the labels for us
(including pictures of the apple so he didn't have to write it 12 times!!)
 Esther was able to help "wrap" the apples and Sapphire liked eating them!!
 Measuring out the salt (we only used 1/2 cup for each of our cups!)
Ta'da!! The finished cups! Now all we need to do is wait a week and see what happens!
Smiles The Torrents'

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