Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Crocodile craft for children - Egyptian unit study (animals in the Nile)

We are still going with our Egyptian Unit study and each and every week look at something different about this fascinating time in history! ( I have sooo many posts to share with you, I hope that some time soon I can share some more!!!)
This time we were looking at animals that live in the Nile River, this was focused mostly on the little girls so I found THIS craft for them and set them to it (while I helped the older children with their maths!)
It's super easy and has a really fun end result, 
(just in case you were wondering, 
Esther had just been face painted by Sophia to look like a puppy!)

Simply colour in, fold in a fan fold some co-ordinating green card stock (for my stamping up lady friends we used gumball green!!)
Esther numbered each of her folds!!! AMAZING!!! This is the first time she has written her numbers, all by herself, without even copying it from somewhere... just from her head!!! I was sooooo super proud!!

Add some paddle pop sticks and stick together!!! You can see how excited they were to start playing with their "friendly" croc's!!
Smiles The Torrents'

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