Tuesday, January 11, 2011

deep within the pages

I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful this sight is!!!!! It brings the biggest smile to my face!!
As mentioned before I have never been a huge reader, never been called a book worm, never got that caught up in a story that I ignored all around me....... still there's hope for my precious children to be ALL THESE and more!!!

It's raining outside and they are waiting for some friends to arrive later this morning so to fill in time they started reading!!!

Hannah is reading The Little Mermaid, Sophia - Yertle the Turtle and Zeke - Zac Power. I had to take these photo's and show you right away!! Esther meanwhile is sleeping and I'm here about to start some card making!
What a glorious way to spend a rainy day!
Smiles The Torrents's

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  1. Yes, very exciting indeed! It's wonderful to watch your children develop a love for reading! It's not raining here yet, but it looks like it is on the way! xxx