Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fun with Tadpoles

Over the last few months this spring/summer the children have had the most wonderful time watching and learning about tadpoles and Frogs! We were blessed to be given eggs (frog's spawn) from the fabulous Harding family. We first of all had them in a small plastic container, then moved them into our old sand pit! They loved the new space and each morning the children would check on their growth and feed them!

draining out the water and catching the tadpoles/frogs as they come

Of course the time came when we needed to return them to their home.

here is a close up of a tiny frog, still with his tail but all of his new legs!

Have you ever seen baby frogs or watched them grow?? There is sooo much to learn and so much fun to be had!


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Your little frogs are so cute. I look forward to seeing more about your homeschool adventure here on your new blog!

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog as well. :o) Looking forward to getting peeks at your homeschooling too. :o)

  3. Oh, I do want to grow frogs! Finding spawn is so difficult around here though.

    I look forward to what you have to say about your homeschooling journey through your new blog!

  4. this is exciting to see your own blog.
    Love Nanny