Friday, January 7, 2011

{holiday} park fun

Hello!! How are your holiday's going? Children happy and enjoying the break in routine OR bored and wandering around not knowing what to do??
My precious ones are doing a bit of both actually! I've said many a time
"we can do some schoolwork" but they'd rather be bored than that! he he!
So the other day we went to the local City park with our wonderful friends Phillip, Vanessa and their 2 little ones Emma and Luke. They live in QLD and this was the last catch up before going home. We had a super awesome time

This is one of the first times that Esther has really been able to join in on the slide fun and the others sure LOVED helping her in that!

How cute is that smile!! (and not just my spunky husbands either! he he!)

Hannah and Ness (Mrs Jordan) had quite a few games of noughts and crosses

At City Park there is this little train like Thomas and you can tour around the whole park. It's soooo much fun (even for us adults) and on this ride the children had an absolute ball. From when it took off they would all call out
"Hello! Hello!" and wave madly. Now in my family I've been told that I'm quite a loud person (I got that off my mum) and so you can only imagine how loud my precious treasures actually were!! Ness and I couldn't stop laughing!!! Not at them but just at the situation and how happy they were and how when called out Hello to and waved at even the most seemingly unhappy person walking by turns and smiles and waves too!! Little Emma was quietly saying in a whisper
"Bye, see you later!" the complete opposite of my rowdy bunch!!! It was soooo delightful! Even the train driver after wards said
"I had the advantage, I'm deaf in one ear and in the other I just turned off my hearing aid!!!" So funny! What a memory.

After saying goodbye to the Jordan's the children played a game of chess and then it was time to go. It was such a wonderful way to spend time together!

Smiles from The Torrents's.


  1. Hey Sharnee, fantastic photos of you all! My children are enjoying the beach, fishing, bike riding, picking fresh veggies from our garden and playing outside. No time to be bored around here, and if they start saying it, it's jobs time!!! xxx

  2. That bottom picture is so lovely of you, Sharnee. Sounds like a lovely family day.

    We start back with school on Monday. No chance of boredom around here!!

  3. Oh that was such a wonderful day!! Our "hello hello" fun still brings such a smile to my face. So great to spend such a special time with you my friend :)