Monday, January 17, 2011

backyard vegies

Each year I LOVE to put in a vegie garden. There really is nothing that compares to you going out to the backyard and picking some home-grown goodness. Yesterday when we were out and I was fixing some of the HUGELY grown tomato plants after all the rain I showed Zeke some little bugs.

I told him that when I was little that I used to touch their fluffy "bum" and they flick away, so for me, I've always called them...
funny hey, it does sound a little silly now that I'm a grown woman but Zeke LOVED IT!!! (of course he did, it's the perfect name!!)

Hannah and Soph soon got in the mix of it and they all happily flicked these little "flick bum's" away off the plants!! SO much fun!!!!
(even for me too!! he he)
Question: Does anyone actually know the real name of these little bugs??
Must do some Googling to find out!!
Do you have a bug that has a Family given name??? Love to hear what it is??!!

I can't wait to cook up these babies into some very scrummy RELISH! YUM YUM!!! Slowly but surely they're getting there!!

Smiles The Torrents's


  1. Ha, cute photos! We love our veggie garden too around here! So many tomatoes! xxx

  2. This is on my list of things to do - although I will be growing mine in pots. I think Zoe would love it :)