Thursday, July 3, 2014

Cloud experiment - Tuesday Science day

Looking at the weather is a great way to get the children excited about science!! The other week we took some inspiration from all the rain we were getting and decided to make our own Rain Cloud in a jar!
 Gather the supplies....
 "Mik, mik" Sapphire says!! (baby talk for mix!)
We found THIS great experiment......

Sophia and Esther went with green food colouring, while Zeke and Hannah did the more traditional blue colour.

Here it is when it first starts.......

slowing starting to fill up and therefore begin to rain!!!

 Here comes the rain!!
Now for the downpour!!!

Once the experiment is done things start to get, well........

When dealing with shaving cream, it is clearly a need to end up playing and getting messy with it!!!
Hey isn't a messy child a happy, learning child??
Such fun to be had on Tuesday science days!!
Smiles The Torrents'

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