Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Ice Age - Timeline Tuesday and History day!

We believe in the power of words, they can either speak life or death! SO when our family gets hit with constant amounts of colds and viruses we have a saying....
"we are sick and tired of being unwell and sleepy!!!"
It's a funny thing to say but its the truth as we hit another week of one of our treasures being unwell!
Last week it was Hannah, beginning this week it was Sophia and now as of today Zeke has the hot and colds!! OHhh dear it certainly is that time of year!!!!!

On an up side we looked at the Ice Age on Tuesday for History and timeline Tuesday!! It was wonderful, we all had heaps of fun and I've got some cool ideas of what we can do while people are getting their strength back......
Like making a cave painting
picture from HERE

or even a cave!!
picture from HERE

Drawing a Mammoth
Draw a Wooly Mammoth Intro.jpg
picture from HERE

or simply looking through a book and reading!
The Great Dinosaur Search
just got this from the library as it has pages on The Ice Ages!

Either way we are taking things easy and with the rain outside I think the Ice Age Movies will be rented very soon for some popcorn and movie time!!! Yippee to that!!
Smiles The Torrents'

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