Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Circus Fun {book making}

One of the blogs I follow HERE, is by the very talented, arty Gail!! The ideas she comes up with are totally awesome!!! This particular arty activity is to make a Circus book and a few weeks ago the children and I invited some friends to join us and have some Big Top Fun! The instructions are super easy to follow from that artist woman and the extra pictures we found from HERE!
 Sophia decorating her envelope to hold her extra pieces!
 Zeke getting busy drawing his trapeze artist!
 Zeke's finished tent, complete with Lion Tammer, 
he made the jump hoop and whip!!
A clever seal balancing a ball!
Mr strong man!! Ready to lift....
YAY, he did it!!
(check out that six pack!!)
My finished Tent I made for Esther!
I went with two clowns, one being the puppet and then also 
added the acrobatic to the background of my trapeze guy!
Sophia went with an all white tent...
She designed the lady trapeze artist from the original picture!
It was soo much fun putting these together, can't wait to do some more book fun with the children in the future!
Smiles The Torrents'

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