Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday and Garden journals

With the new term I decided that I wanted to keep some of last years subjects as I found them to be really something the children enjoyed. If you have subjects like them then they need to be keepers!!!
We started a Garden Journal (instead of our Nature study which in reality is really the same thing!) where the children choose something from the garden, usually making note of the things relevant to the season and sketching it and then writing some info about it.
Hannah hates to draw so she takes a picture, which she does really well and Zeke & Sophia happily do a sketch. Zeke grabs all the relevant pencils that might be the EXACT one and then colour matches it to the selected subject! I love that! 

This year of course they have an audience with precious Sapphire watching all the activity. Esther was just wondering around. Today she was naked due to lots of dress-up changes but the photo I took of that got deleted when Sophia started taking photo's of Sapphire with a flower behind her ear. It did look cute what she did but so did Esther, Umm next time Soph's needs to get her own camera!!

Hannah likes to find out her info on the computer, she chose the Agapanthus today. Zeke works from a book I got from my Dad called The Colour Dictionary of Garden Plants. I really love that we use something my Dad was passionate about, he was a horticulturalist and this was one of the books he used when studying. It has everything! Well at least so far I've found every flower or plant that I've wanted in it!

I ended up getting some weeding done which was certainly a feel good as the weeds are most definitely taking over our small vegie patch this year. I've been quite disappointed about our vegie patch and lack there of yummy things to eat from it but I guess that's what happens when you have a 4 month old..... I keep telling myself "there's always next year!"
Smiles The Torrents'

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