Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nursery Rhyme study week # one Baa Baa black Sheep

Last week we kicked off the new school year with our Nursery Rhyme study. Our first day was wonderful (which I thought was amazing considering I usually don't like Monday's and it was the first day back for the year!!) The rest of the week however wasn't as wonderful as we all got into the groove of routine and work again! Oh bother!!
So for our first week we began with Baa Baa Black sheep or any rhyme with sheep in it, Mary had a little lamb, Little Bo Peep etc.
I had lots of activities planned and the children had fun learning about sheep breeds, wool classing, where in the world wool production is, cost of bale's of wool and music.
I also found THIS cute snack but you'll notice ours didn't turn out anything like it...... we did however have LOTS of fun making them!! Ezekiel especially had me laughing so much with comments like.....
"Hey don't eat the sheep heads!!!" (when Sophia kept eating the red grapes)
"Look Mum a BEE!" when he had stuck the eyes one the grape..... and my favourite
" Oh well we'll just have Bugs and Bushes!!"

Hannah thought that perhaps it looked like the sheep were lying down! I did try and get a photo of a completed sheep standing but by the time i found my camera it had fallen to a squat!!
This week we are doing Sing a Song of Sixpence - Happy schooling,
Smiles The Torrents'

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