Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine's Craft {day two 2013}

Today we made some hearts for a garland to decorate the home. The idea was from HERE.
Again the children were all into it and had lots of fun sharpening and then "playing" with the shavings! (in the past they've done this and I've growled!! hee hee, of course today it was totally FINE!)

 Zeke was on sharpening duties

We used greaseproof paper, like that which you cook with as I thought this is what they meant by Wax paper but it totally didn't work!!! It curled apart when we cut the hearts out!
Everyone was quite frustrated (especially Hannah who likes things to be JUST RIGHT!) but I had a thought and we used Tissue paper instead! This worked a TREAT! YAY! We took all the melted shaving out of the first lot of paper and put it in the tissue paper.

Off and racing now with the heart templates and cutting. I sewed them together to make a string of hearts and now they are happily hanging up ready for next week!

Not sure what craft I'll pick for tomorrow...... Are you joining in on the Valentine's FUN
Smiles The Torrents'

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