Saturday, February 23, 2013

Blackberry picking & Sunday morning pancakes

Once our raspberries finish we look forward to the next berry to munch on.... Blackberries!
We have an amazing bush of them growing out the back of our house and we look after it each year, so we may enjoy all it offers once February comes!

This year I didn't even know they were ready until one day on the phone I was looking out the window and saw a blackbird flying off with a berry in it's mouth!! Aaaa arhhh, they're ready!!!
We love to pick them, though the prickles do get a bit much for my treasures so really I guess it's mostly me picking them with lots of supervision!!!
One of the other things the children do love to watch out for is what we affectionately call
"the blackberry bugs"
We only ever see them on the blackberries so hence the name! Do you know what they are???
This particular day we also saw a busy bee with pollen on his legs and a grasshopper! What a great science lesson in the making!
Esther has to have her own container which she completely devourers in a matter of minutes, Hannah and I take it in turns on who will find, pick and then eat the biggest berry. Zeke and Sophia like to enjoy them in cooking and on pancakes on a Sunday morning!

I'll be off to pick some more this morning just for that, our regular Sunday pancakes, Yummmmm blackberries, nectarines and honey!!! It's making my mouth water just thinking about it!
Smiles The Torrents'

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