Thursday, February 28, 2013

Building Structures with the Children

Today we had a craft time with some marshmallows and spaghetti! We've been studying the London Bridge is Falling Down nursery Rhyme this week and thought that we could build a bridge. Turns out that's pretty tricky and so some (not so) stable structures were made instead! Of course there were lots of other things that the children made also.... well mostly Esther actually, she was on a HUGE ROLL of imagination and thinking up many things with her few marshmallows and spaghetti! Check it out....

1) Funny glasses!!
 2) A flag being flown in the air
3) Puppets-this is Dad and sister (so Esther said!)
 4) a Baton, madly been waved by the conductor! After stuffing the marshy in her mouth!
(note the children have had some fun with water colour pencils for face painting, 
today Sophia wrote "love you" on Esther's check! 
Oh and she was dressing up, a very "normal" thing for our little girl!)

also Zeke in background building his Lego car....

 Sophia had very sticky hands after her bridge 
(top photo across the Tupperware containers)
Even the pasta was still sticking to her!

 Hannah made a rocket!
 Zeke made two things, this pyramid....
 Sapphire is never too far away... she loves to look out the front door 
and smile for Mummy when she's being talked to! CUTE!
This is Ezekiel's other creation, the square structure for his Lego car....
it proved it wasn't very stable AT ALL!!
It was certainly loads of fun watching them all and seeing where their mind and imagination was taking them!
Smiles The Torrents'

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