Monday, June 15, 2015

History of Launceston for Kids - {Chalmers}

 We have started to do some local History, right here in Launceston! There are some wonderful places of interest just oozing with historic goodness! For our first outing we went to
"Chalmers" which is now Walker Designs. We had the very groovy Matt give us a tour of the old building and showed us all of what Chalmers has to offer!
You can read more about the history of the place HERE.
 Looking through the small window that used to be the old keepers house, 
which looks out to the Chalmers Hall across the road.
 Up in the Bell tower, note the large ropes to the right! 
The stain glass windows are all original, built over 150 years old.
 The view from up stairs, with it's amazing old wooden flourishes.
Matt explained that the patterns look a little like small ghosts! 
He mentioned that they even had a "spirit/ghost" expert come in to see if the place was haunted,
 The Good news was that it wasn't!!
 The colour of the ceiling is the exact colour that was painted when the church first opened, it was said that the reason they chose that colour was so it looked like the sky! (pretty grey day I think!)
 Display of old goodies and explanations of the church's history.
 The tour by Matt was soooo interesting, even after a full hour the children were wanting more! It certainly was a HUGE highlight for us all and a great way to start our local, Tasmanian History!
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  1. This is awesome! We love finding history and exploring it in our local area too. I love the old beautiful are the stain glass windows!