Saturday, July 4, 2015

History of Launceston for Kids - Prince's Square

Tuesday's are our History learning days. We are having a ball getting out and about in the crisp Winter air and discovering the wonder of the History of Launceston.

Prince's Square, once called St John's Square is a remarkable place of interest! Whether it be the stories about the amazing fountain in the center, of the fact that convicts used to make bricks there or even that the Duke of Edinburgh himself planted two Oak trees (that are still standing.) There is PLENTY to learn about this square!!
Like why is there a statue of Dr William Russ Pugh on the steps of the park??? Well you will need to read on HERE to find that out.....
Here is the old hospital building that he worked at... the plaque tells all about it. Hannah is reading it out to everyone.
See the awesome old sign in the footpath...... sooo very cool!!
WE are loving this,
Smiles The Torrents'

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