Thursday, June 4, 2015

German themed night

We study a country each month that is randomly picked out of our Brain Box All around the World. We have just finished Germany and celebrated with our countries theme night! It was such a success, we all LOVED the goodies from Germany!!
Schnitzel, fried cabbage,  Black forest Cake, Apple strudel...... YUMMY!!!
 Zeke making the Black Forest Cake
 Beautiful German girls
 Yum, yum Main course
 More yum, yum ... apple strudel and Black Forest cake
Then afterwards there was a German dance show!
One of my FAVOURITE parts of these nights is when Allan (my super man) finds some traditional music from that country. (German dance  HERE.) Oh this time around it was completely wonderful! The GIRLS LOVED EVERY MINUTE of the music and joy of dancing the steps!!

I have to say, though these nights take some huge amount of preparation they really are such a fun part of our Homeschooling journey! It stretches me to cook new things which is a good thing and helps us all learn some extra cool things about the country of the month.
This month we have Nigeria,
Smiles The Torrents'

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